When can I apply for the next summer school?

The application for the summer school 2015 are already closed. You can apply for the next summer school at the beginning of 2016. Stay tuned!


In case I have been accepted as a participant of 2015, when do I need to have time for a trip to Germany?

15 – 25 September 2015


Why is the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School organized and what kind of students do you support?

The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School wants to support entrepreneurial students who are strongly committed to improve our global society by solutions for challenging problems. Our core values therefore seek for people who are committed to peace and who take responsibility for improving our global society, no matter what gender, race, religion or nationality they have.

If your question is not answered above please send an email to info@globalsummerschool.org – even if it takes some time we are happy to answer your issues. Thank you very much for your interest. We are glad to be of further assistance to you.


Who can apply?

You can apply as undergraduate or graduate of all university studies e.g.: design, computer science, business economics, humanities, social sciences etc. You have to be enrolled in any university at any time during 2015 and you have to be aged between 18 – 27 years. For example: If you are enrolled only until February 2015 you can apply even if you won’t be enrolled in September 2015. “Enrolled” applies in our definition also to MBA or PhD students.



Participants won’t have to pay for their accommodation. We will provide you with an accommodation either in student dorms or in private rooms at participants’ places from Munich. If you want to arrive earlier or stay longer in Munich, please take care of it by yourself.


Global Scholarships

We may cover parts of travel expenses of selected international students who are invited to Munich. You can apply for 1 of 10 travel scholarships after being selected. We will cover 50% of your travel expenses, with a maximum of 500 Euro. You will get the grant in cash during your stay in Munich.


Food & travel in Munich

We will provide for some exclusive dinners as well as many snacks and coffee during the whole week.



We will charge a tuition fee of EUR 119,- per selected participant. This fee has to be paid (e.g. via paypal) in advance after being selected. Transfer fees are on the participant.

If you are a student from Germany and you can provide accommodation to an international participant you may be free of charge of the tuition fee.


Can I apply for the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School even though I have already participated in one of the GESS or EIISS Summer Schools before?

Since 2012, we have a special deal with alumni participants. If you are a 2012 to 2014 “virtual” participant please apply again if your team didn’t move on with the idea. If your team still works on the idea we will get back to you individually via email.


Is there a limit to the number of students from any university/country/continent?

No, there are no participation limits. Students will be selected by the quality of their applications. Nevertheless, at least two students from each of our four Munich based Universities will participate.


I cannot make it to Munich. Are there any chances to participate virtually?

Yes, you can apply as virtual participant. Virtual participants are matched to a respective team and act as wholesome group members. You coordinate your workflow independently within your group and should calculate with 40 hours of work during the week.


Application process

This year, we will accept 35 outstanding students from around the world who will get an invitation to Munich. In addition we will accept 15 virtual participants. All applications will go through a very strict, but fair selection process. The regular deadline for the summer school 2016 will be announced soon.

You will then be able to apply with your CV, motivational letter (max. around 200 words) and recommendation letter as PDF attachments.

If you have any questions please check first all FAQs and if you still have questions please send an email to info@globalsummerschool.org.


When will I know that I am invited to join the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School or not?

You will receive your invitation/rejection via email by end of May 2016.


What are the evaluation criteria for being selected?

Your CV and Motivational Letter should convince us especially with the following:

  • You think and act entrepreneurial at the highest level
  • You are deeply motivated to find answers to the most challenging problems in our global society
  • You are highly engaged in student initiatives or in any other way
  • You are fluent in English and are doing very well in your field of studies
  • You are committed to peace and you act in a responsible way
  • In addition, we expect you to have strong “team-playing” skills, be open-minded, interested in working in international and interdisciplinary teams and for sure you should also have a great sense of humour.


Can I also send in my application via email or other channels?

No. Only applications which are submitted through the usage of the application form on our website will be taken into account. Even additional material that you don’t submit through our application form won’t be considered to have a fair evaluation process for everybody. If your browser doesn’t work please try another one first before writing an email to info@globalsummerschool.org and ask for further assistance.


Will I have to apply in German or English?

Please fill out the entire application in English. We cannot accept applications in German (or other languages).


Do I need to attach any diplomas or references to my application?

You can and even should mention grades and other achievements in your CV. However, you don’t need to hand in the documents additionally.


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